Western Cyber Exchange


DSoft Technology is a founding member and active participant in the Western Cyber Exchange (WCX), a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs with partners across other regions, which was formed to promote a grass roots approach to collective cyber security. The WCX, along with the IT User Forum (ITUF), provide both a face-to-face and online trusted collaborative environment to enable cyber security threat information exchange, risk management, and cyber-attack preparedness on a community wide, cross sector basis to improve situational awareness. Information sharing by local and state government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector in a timely manner using a web portal and the Collaborative Research into Threats (CRITS) tool will enable faster response to cyber attacks. CRITS combines an analytic engine with a cyber threat database that serves as a repository of attack data and malware that will provide alerts to WCX members of real-time cyber attacks. An attack on one organization within the WCX will be shared to enable other WCX members to actively defend against. This real-time capability will improve WCX members' cyber-resiliency, awareness and capabilities faster than what traditional reporting chains now provide. Actionable information to combat the threat will be shared amongst members.

A recent study by Mandiant revealed that data collected on specific prolific threat included information that the government was not aware of, thus enforcing the need to collaborate. Information sharing and collection from multiple sources will increase our ability to defend against the growing cyber threat.

In addition, as a member of the WCX, our employees can participate in additional security awareness training as well have access to the Cyber Kiosk, a suite of tools (hardware/software) that allows for cyber forensics and CRITS to submit cyber attacks incidents, perform analysis and receive automatic alerts of potential cyber attacks based on other member inputs.

As an active member of the WCX, ITUF and the Operations Group, DSoft Technology is at the cutting edge of cyberspace awareness to support its clients with the latest information and remediation approaches.


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