We would really like to thank the Commercial Services team at DSoft Technology for the great website you guys built for Kakes and Beege (www.kakesandbeege.com). Thanks for working with us over the past few months to work through all our ideas, designs and schedule changes. It is so exciting to see our dreams come together.

The expertise at DSoft is amazing. The process is implemented with ease. And the team is so supportive to work with! We are happy we chose DSoft to help us start our business and reach the global market.

Kakes and Beege (online clothing retailer), 2017

After winning our competitive solicitation, we have found D-Soft to be very professional, responsive to our needs, and easy to work with. We look forward to retaining them for both ongoing support and new projects in the years to come. 

Energy Services Consulting Firm Client, 2016

Working with DSoft Technology has been a pleasure. Not only were they able to build a site that met our original scope of work, but they helped us make it look and function much better than we imagined at the project's start. A big part of our project's success is due to the ease of working with DSoft's staff. We could get in touch with them, talk through our requests, and then they completed the work in a timely manner to meet our deadlines. We are very happy with the final outcome.

CSU Xeriscape Official, 2016

Excellent work by your team David H.  DSoft is a great example of application delivery and migration services done well.  Many thanks to you entire team!

Financial Services Client, 2016

Logged on to ReACT and see the potential Linkage to AFI 90-201 - Awesome tool! I really like the color-coordinated assessment of criticality and complexity, how it is intuitive for those familiar with standard risk management. I see a potential benefit in looking at the items identified in Attachment 3 of AFI 90-201 which was just re-published last fall. It contains the items that the HAF/SAF functionals have identified as having the highest risk of mission impact due to undetected non-compliance - or something like that. Bottom line: the 31 functionals have identified what they think are important and must be inspected every 2 years. In your tool I believe these would nicely map to the red and orange categories. Just something to consider... Great job!

Chief, PACAF Continuous Improvement Division, 2015