Mr. Wilkinson is the sector lead for our Cloud Computing sector as well as our Chief Technology Officer. His team keeps DSoft Technology, Engineering & Analysis running smoothly. The Cloud computing sector is focused on leveraging common architectures and services that meet key design criteria such as availability, recoverability, scalability and performance. He applies strong technical and managerial capabilities, along with implementing best industry practices to proactively advance every project.

As Chief Technology Officer Mr. Wilkinson serves on the corporate executive committee to align technology goals to other departmental and organizational objectives. He specializes in infrastructure, both in cloud and on premise, IoT, digital transformations, omni-channel e-commerce, eliminating inefficiencies and unlocking growth potential. With previous tenure in two billion-dollar companies, he has been responsible for cultural, business and technology transformations resulting in exponential business growth. Mr. Wilkinson is excited to join the DSoft team and is looking forward to helping the company succeed.