Kathie is a results-driven, innovative leader with extensive experience in all aspects of Information Technology Services, to include long-range planning, application functional design, detail design, software construction, implementation, and technology training.

Kathie graduated with honors from Queen's University with a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics and also earned an M.A.Sc. in Management Science from the University of Waterloo. She has been the recipient of the Hammer Award from the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. She is a member of both the Society of Professional Engineers and Association of Professional Engineers.

She is best known for her ability to analyze current operating procedures, formulate sound alternatives, and implement effective system revisions to increase organizational productivity. Kathie provides proven leadership complemented with superb communication skills, an astute ability to manage multi-faceted systems and projects while working in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment. She is a highly effective, dedicated team builder and project coordinator who establishes management credibility across all levels and with all stakeholders. An innovative facilitator, she understands the importance of balancing contending needs during times of change and can clearly define, administer, and manage innovative initiatives. Kathie is an expert in all office operating systems, HTML, SQL Server, VBScript, and Database Modeling, Power Designer, Active Server Pages, .NET, XML technologies, ADO, InstallShield, Visual Basic, C++, C#, X/Motif, simulation and modeling.