SharePoint Shepherd

SharePoint Shepherd

Assistance is a just a click away.  DSoft Technology understands user frustration with the sheer amount of features and complexity of SharePoint use.  We're here to help you find answers to complete your tasks and we offer a solution that will maximize your investment in SharePoint and create added value to your organization.  Our depth of experience, integration with Microsoft factory and field staff, and hands-on approach with clients allows us to have un-matched expertise in solving the most complex SharePoint issues. Included in our development and deployment of your SharePoint site (at no extra cost to you), we install SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users as one of the site collections.  SharePoint Shepherd's Guide provides easy-to-follow 30 second to 5 minute video lessons with clear directions, tested advice, and tips proven to help end users - without having to wait on an 800 line offshore and explain your issue to a disinterested person.

Using the search functionality inherent in SharePoint, your users will find the SharePoint help they need simply by knowing what they want to get done.  Users receive step-by-step lessons via on-demand video screen casts and detailed written instructions.  In total there are over 3 hours of screen casts. With step-by-step guidance for the tasks users do most, they'll never have to worry about remembering how to create a list, add a field, add a user to a group, or many other SharePoint tasks. The video files are delivered in formats that play on the machines in your organization.

The perpetual SharePoint Shepherd's Guide license provides:

Printable PDF - We know that some users want a traditional manual for reference. Give your users the content in book format including full color screen shots with a printable PDF. This feature gets you a single PDF file with all of the content from the book.

Word Files - In addition to delivering the printable PDF version, the Word files allow you to modify the printable content for your internal use. You can add your own screen shots to make the printable Guide look and feel like it was designed specifically for your organization.  Each of the tasks in the 2013 Guide is delivered as an individual file.

Wiki - Makes the Guide a living part of the conversation with your users. Allow users to comment on what they're struggling with, add their own tips, and suggest or write new content with the Wiki edition of The SharePoint Shepherd's Guide for End Users: 2013