DSoft Technology, Engineering & Analysis is looking for skilled DevSecOps Engineers with an ownership mentality to build the Air Force’s new enterprise platform called Platform One. The ideal candidate will have experience with the latest DevSecOps tools and processes to create, maintain and innovate fully automated CI/CD pipelines for development of microservices. The candidate must have hands on experience supporting highly available and resilient applications in a production environment. Candidate must be well-versed in the various stages that makeup a complete DevSecOps CI/CD pipeline including the provisioning/maintenance of the tools for the various stages. Desired tool experience includes: Java, Python, Kubernetes, Docker,  GitLab, Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory, Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet. 

See specifics below.  When applying please identify the position from the table below.

LOCATION Colorado Springs, CO and San Antonio, TX, TX
REQUIREMENTS Clearance Level: Secret Clearance US Citizenship: Required


JOB TYPE: Full Time

Years of Experience: At least 4 years of experience performing or supporting software development in an agile, fully automated DevSecOps environment.

Education Level: Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Software Development or related Degree. Five or more years of additional direct and relevant experience can be substituted for Degree requirement.

Required Skills:

  • Experience with DevSecOps, Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery/Deployment concepts, containerized applications running on Docker/Kubernetes and automated test tools such as Jenkins, Openscap, Owasp-zap, Junit, JMeter, RSpec, and Cucumber
  • 3+ years’ experience of implementing Infrastructure as code, including configuration management using tools like Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet
  • 3+ years’ experience provisioning and maintaining large enterprise scale container platforms including Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Pivotal CloudFoundry
  • 2+ years’ experience building and deploying serverless applications into platforms like Knative, OpenFaas or Kubeless
  • 3+ years’ experience of Linux Containers (Docker), building and maintaining Hardened Universal Base Images (UBI), vulnerability scanning and remediation of any findings on a regular basis
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD tools such as GitLab, Jenkins, Nexus, Artifactory or comparable substitutes
  • 3+ years’ experience provisioning and maintaining logging solutions including ELK (Elasticsearch + Logstash + Kibana), EFK (Elasticsearch + Fluentd + Kibana)
  • 3+ years’ experience building and maintaining Grafana dashboards to provide intuitive visual display for customers to understand the performance and health of applications
  • Hands-on experience or strong understanding of Keycloak as an SSO solution for services
  • 2+ years’ experience with Service Mesh technologies like Istio for robust security patterns and secure communication between services
  • 4+ years’ experience developing software or scripting with Java, Javascript, Python or UNIX shell
  • Strong experience and/or familiarity with one of more of the following program languages: Java, Node.JS, React JS, Ruby and Python
  • Demonstrated experience and/or familiarity with one of more of the following database technologies: SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, NOSQL etc.
  • Experience with software security, secure coding, or software assurance tools and techniques
  • Identify, design, and implement process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, redesigning infrastructure for greater scalability, etc.
  • Provide direction and guidance on the technical design and implementation. Assist with and/or coordinate the activities of other software developers to meet over-arching client program requirements
  • Ability to coordinate project status with highly technical stakeholders, technical managers and government leaders
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and exceptional ability to become a trusted advisor to the customers.
  • See below:  Please identify the specific job title(s) you feel you are most qualified for.

    Container Hardening SME (6)

    $75 – 130K

    Demonstrated knowledge (mastery preferred) in the following:

    • DoD Enterprise DevSecOps Ref Design
    • OCI-compliant Containers
    • Kubernetes
    • Building Dockerfile
    • Hardening of Open- Source Containers and Commercial Containers
    • Istio, Jenkins, GitLab CI

    Advanced Kubernetes SME (2)

    $85 – 145K

    Kubernetes and Istio expert; understanding of

    • GitOps, Custom Kubernetes Operators, Custom Helm charts, Custom Admission Controllers, Custom CRDs, Custom Controllers

    Infrastructure as Code SME(3)

    $80K – 145K

    Demonstrated knowledge (mastery preferred) in the following:

    • Terraform, Ansible (optional), Kubernetes

    Software Engineer (3)


    Demonstrated knowledge in the following:

    • Python, React, Node.JS, HTML 5 and other modern cloud- native programming languages
    • Kubernetes, Docker, Istio

    User Interface Designer (1)

    $40- 90K

    Demonstrated knowledge in the following:

    • HTML5/CSS, Adobe Suite, React, UI Frameworks, Node.JS

    Application/System Test SME (2)


    Demonstrated ability and knowledge in the following:

    • Test Driven Design and Test suites


    Cloud Architect (1)

    $75 – 145K

    Demonstrated ability to:

    • Articulate systems thinking/design concepts
    • Design systems to avoid common performance bottlenecks and pitfalls
    • Optimize cloud resources
    • Increase deployment frequency
    • Decrease cycle/lead-time
    • Design flexible, abstracted, secure Cloud architectures
    • Infrastructure as Code

    Cybersecurity Lead SME (2)

    $80 – 130K

    Demonstrated mastery in the following:

    • Zero trust architectures (Beyond Corp/SDP)-     NIST 800 190 and  NIST 800 53
    • Kubernetes Environments
    • Istio

    And writing necessary documentation, publications and guidance.

    Cybersecurity Operations SME (1)

    $73 – 120K

    Demonstrated knowledge in the following:

    • Zero trust architectures (Beyond Corp/SDP)-     NIST 800 190 and NIST 800 53
    • Kubernetes Environments
    • Istio

    And writing necessary documentation, publications and guidance.

    Site Reliability Engineer (2)

    $90 – 170K

    Demonstrated ability to:

    • Eliminate work through automation
    • Configure meaningful telemetry
    • Understand production readiness
    • Reduce mean-time-to- recovery (MTTR)
    • Reduce failure rates Provide operations support with response to urgent issues such as cyber issues or systems’ downtimes, including being paged. Demonstrated knowledge in the following:
    • Cloud environments
    • Kubernetes Environments
    • Istio

Desired Skills:

  • Previous experience with supporting Air Force as a client
  • Previous experience with 24AF operational cyber mission
  • Strong Kubernetes or OpenShift Experience, Certified Kubernetes or OpenShift Administrator
  • Prior experience with migrating legacy applications to microservices using the Strangler pattern strategy
  • Hands on experience or understanding of ArgoFlux for GitOps
  • Prior experience migrating legacy applications to the cloud by refactoring them or lifting and shifting based on requirements
  • Prior experience working with data science, machine learning or natural language processing
  • Experience developing software applications in an Agile environment