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Space & Cyberspace

DSoft Technology's clients in the defense industry are as diverse as those in our commercial sector. We have provided support to a variety of projects including Military Operations Center IT support, website development, Modeling & Simulation, and software and systems engineering projects. We are intimately involved with the Astrodynamic Standards and integration of World Wind, which allows users to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission elevation data. We also work intimately with the NORAD Two Line Element sets (TLE), providing orbital data for satellites -- Click here to access Celestrak's TLE.

Working with DSoft Technology, our clients leverage processes and technologies to minimize the cost and time to maintain and enhance M&S products as well as minimize the cost of ownership and deployment.  Achieving these objectives minimize the logistics associated with training, requirement generation, and exercise/event support.  The broad scope of our work includes maintenance and enhancements, event/exercise/distributed operation support, and system engineering and integration.

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Commercial IT Consulting

DSoft Technology's commercial clients have an array of requirements including database development, custom applications, and websites ranging from the very simple to complex market spaces that incorporate social media, external feeds, secure log-in, and the ability to conduct e-commerce. Using advanced web analytics tools and techniques, we will assist in building site reputation improvement through link building, key word research and development, analysis, and ongoing search engine optimization.  Please see our showcase Umbraco DCMS site for additional website information.

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Aviation & Human Factors Engineering

With projects underway for the FAA and TSA, DSoft Technology provides a wide range of advanced human factors engineering expertise through staff located throughout the U.S.

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Technology Research & Integration

Issues faced by the research community include the ability to share and incorporate information and ensuring access to the most current data. DSoft Technology has assisted in a number of projects that facilitate collaboration in addition to simpler functions such as scheduling and calendar functions and the collection of metrics. Our work has ensured that our clients' work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible.

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E-Commerce & Security

Even companies that maintain brick and mortar facilities conduct e-commerce, which also necessitates a firm grasp on ever-evolving online security requirements. The DSoft Technology team has successfully implemented a number of customer e-commerce solutions backed by the best security available.

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Firefighting Resources

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has contracted DSoft Technology to continue to develop an online GIS and data fusion capability for the U.S. Forest Service's National Interagency Fire Center.

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Sports & Recreation

Like other large organizations, our Sports & Recreation clients require software, database and tracking ability as well as the capacity to support their athletes and other users. DSoft Technology's work has ensured our clients are able to support both internal and external customers while staying focused on their primary line of business -- winning.

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Transportation & Logistics Management

We have supported a number of clients on high-profile transportation and logistics management projects. This includes research initiatives to make roads safer, including reducing winter-condition related accidents. Work for a large footwear manufacturer has helped them to better manage their IT systems in new distribution centers, and we have assisted in other aspects of transportation management for a large freight company.

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Healthcare Technologies and Veterans Affairs

DSoft Technology supports the healthcare industry, ensuring that providers possess the tools they need to care for their patients. Examples of our work include support and maintenance of Veteran Affairs information systems as well as extensive work in database and search engine development. We ensure that information is immediately accessible for important decision-making.

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State & Local Governments

DSoft Technology is proud to support state and local government's IT needs. As a Preferred IT Vendor to the State of Washington and working in Colorado State and our local communities, we provide reasonably priced, value-added services to increase our client's business process efficiency and add new computer automated functionality to more efficiently serve its citizens.

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Education & Training

Our education and training customers have unique requirements that incorporate many of our core competencies. Many require database development and transaction reporting as well as the ability to conduct e-commerce over the Internet. DSoft Technology has provided services ranging from customized application development and support to the creation of web portals that aggregate numerous educational entities into a single web space.

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DSoft Technology provides IT business and financial applications development and support for ministry clients. We have excellent past performance in e-commerce, e-security, technology prototyping, and business process automation. We also provide general IT support for our clients, allowing them to focus on their main business lines.

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