Education & Training

Our education and training customers have unique requirements that incorporate many of our core competencies. Many require database development and transaction reporting as well as the ability to conduct e-commerce over the Internet. DSoft Technology has provided services ranging from customized application development and support to the creation of web portals that aggregate numerous educational entities into a single web space.



DSoft Technology assisted UCCS in developing requirements for a new dormitory and housing management system. Requirements were gathered, COTS systems were evaluated and final recommendations were made to UCCS for implementation of the system.


Bisk Education

Bisk Education, a leader in online post-secondary education and corporate training required web development and Umbraco migration of all of their corporate and partner websites. This ongoing project includes the conversion of hundreds of web pages incorporating content from a variety of sources. The project has also included reviews to make sure that the websites are accessible to all users by following Section 508 and WCAG guidelines.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server



JPATS/TIMS is a specialized computer network information management system tailored to perform scheduling, grading, routine administrative functions, and resource management to aid instructors, students, and commanders in accomplishing training. JPATS/TIMS manages Undergraduate Flying Training for Air Education and Training Command and the Chief of Naval Education Training. Elements of JPATS/TIMS include a Qualification Manager, Student Manager, User Manager, Sortie Tracker, and Computer Based Training System.


USAFA Airfield Modernization

DSoft Technology is providing business process modeling and reengineering, operational flight operations domain expertise, database analysis, and software engineering processes to 34th Operations Group at the United States Air Force Academy, including the 94th and 98th Flight Squadrons. This project is designed to modernize the management of student and instructor schedules, equipment maintenance tracking, syllabus testing, go/no-go processes, support equipment management, airframe management and other related aviation activities and operations. The focus is to leverage technology advancements to help reduce the workload of data management performed by 34th Operations Group personnel, and in turn provide for increased attention to flight training and safety.



CAMIS II is an Oracle database-centric system aimed at reengineering existing USAFA applications from the Academy's Unisys mainframe and other various MS Access databases into a single database with associated applications. CAMIS is comprised of 85 applications that assists USAFA personnel in tracking the progress of cadets from pre-candidacy through graduation and all aspects of the cadet's life at USAFA. The system serves many key USAFA organizations including the 34th Training Wing, Directorate of Admissions, Dean of Faculty, and the Directorate of Athletics.

Technologies used: Oracle Designer, Oracle Developer



Aerodynamic is a design application that allows key aircraft performance (payload, range, number of crew, etc.) and aerodynamic (ceiling, velocity, etc.) parameters to be entered into a program which performs computations to help the student design an aircraft, resulting in a wireframe outline diagram of the aircraft.


Eye Tracker

The USAFA Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership is studying memory deficits seen in air traffic controllers and attention deficits experienced by pilots. Research was performed by measuring eye movements and showing where observers are looking (and where they are not looking) when information changes in a complex real-world display. The overall goal of the effort is to use eye tracking measures taken through an eye sensor and correlated using custom software to examine how critical information is being visually processed and remembered by observers and compare display highlighting techniques.


Pikes Peak NewsFinder™

PPLD required a means to catalog and access local community news and obituary articles. DSoft Technology performed system planning, architecture, database design, and development work for the PPLD Special Collections Pikes Peak NewsFinder public web site. This site contains a secure administrative functionality to enter and modify article headlines, subjects, people, and keywords. Combining state-of-the-art search algorithms and relational database design, we maximized performance using basic and power search dynamic queries. PPLD's Special Collections group (in the 1905 Carnegie Library) indexing project provides essential information needed to access the news article or obituary desired.


Multi-Branch Dynamic Events Calendar

DCL desired an automated method to manage, control, and publish a dynamic list of library branch events directly on their public web site. DSoft Technology performed system planning, architecture, database design, and development work for the DCL Information Systems group. This web site contains branch-specific, password-protected administrative functionality to allow admins to enter and modify event times, dates, and details. Super admin permissions exist to update library branch and program data.

Combining browser-independent PHP programming, DHTML scripts and relational database design, we maximized performance and flexibility by using dynamic queries to pre-load JavaScript arrays, and built client-side logic to dynamically re-display the event list based on user choices. Events can be listed for specific branches or specific programs, on a single day, week, or for the whole month. Dynamic contact and additional web link information is included. Users can print the events calendar and hang the single-page calendar-style monthly events list on their refrigerator for quick reference.



DSoft Technology developed the PAWS as a public web site interfacing with the University's Student Information System. This secure student portal-based system allows students and faculty to search for, find, schedule, and register course loads, request transcripts, find student bills and student 1098 tax information, and maintain student address and contact information -- all in real-time. Adjoining pages assist CSU-Pueblo student candidates to complete the complex application process on-line. Supported CSU-Pueblo departments include Student Services, Financial Processing, Curriculum and Academics, and Degree Planning.


NorthStar Academy Website

NorthStar Academy is an online high school for US and international students. DSoft Technology provided a complete re-design of the website, which included modifications to the online registration system. The website was hosted by DSoft, and DSoft also provided regular maintenance of the website.

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