I was using the new CSP a couple of weeks ago. It is a thing of beauty. I haven't worked with many people that could take very general ideas and come back with a home run over and over...

- AFSPC Analyst, 2012

URL Rewriting for Umbraco

Description: Client had a 300+ page website which they wished to convert to Umbraco Content Management System (CMS). Their implementation requirements included the storage of all reusable web data in a single location for easy updating and the generation of each web page dynamically as requested by users. However, because Umbraco is a CMS, it is designed to have a file (node) for each page that contains all of the data needed to render the page as opposed to the plan desired by the Client. An additional complicating factor was that the Client had already created their central storage location, which was not designed to support the new website. There were also a multitude of other challenges to include having to match to the old URL structure which had not been designated in a consistent fashion.

DSoft Technology Solution: We devised a way to use the URL Rewriting function to capture the URLs and extract the data we need while keeping the user on the same page. We pull the data from Umbraco using the information from the URL to dynamically display what is requested by the user. We also hooked in to the Umbraco backend to update URL Rewriting whenever new information is added or deleted.

Advanced Find/Replace Tool for Umbraco

Description: DSoft Technology migrated hundreds of web pages into Umbraco for a client during which there were thousands of errors created. These errors included incorrect alt tags, missing classes on certain tags, items that needed to be replaced by macros, etc. It was impossible to conduct a standard find and replace since there were inconsistencies in the HTML code resulting in an inability to match search strings.

DSoft Technology Solution: We wrote a tool that corrected errors automatically, allowing us to write plugins to accomplish different tasks. For example, one plugin downloaded the old site and found all the <img> tags and transferred the alt text to the new site. Another plugin parsed the HTML and allowed us do a find and replace using XPath selectors, a very robust method which allowed precise selection even when the HTML was indented differently or the attributes were in a different order.

Bank Check Transaction and Guarantee System

Description: DSoft Technology developed a system for a client to accept bank checks on-line, to include a rewards program and all back end administration.

DSoft Technology Solution: Our PHP, MySQL, and Java system used several 3rd party check transaction systems to ensure the bank check was valid before guaranteeing payment to the vendor. The system is comprised of a sophisticated system of primary and 3rd party servers and software communicating when a bank check transaction is passed through the system from an Internet merchant. The system offered a tiered capability of products for small to large volume member merchants. It provides for a consumer membership and award program. DSoft Technology was responsible for all IT services to include hardware procurement, and all software design and development.

Voice and Video Synchronization System

Description: DSoft's client wanted a mechanism to connect personally with Internet shoppers to assist them in making a purchase and explain the merchandise in more detail.

DSoft Technology Solution: Using several phone app SDKs, we developed a system to play a pre-recorded video with synchronized voice and music through your phone to provide a great customer experience and ultimately connect the customer with a customer service agent to complete the sale.


Scurion Logo2

DSoft Technology developed their own 508 compliance tool, Scurion® using Deque's Accessibility Engine plugin (aXe) which is an open source library that executes automated accessibility testing. While the VA uses the Deque Worldspace Tool to scan the site for 508 compliance, Scurion should report the same results as Deque has developed aXe in close cooperation with the Veterans Administration for the last 15 years.


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EXCELLENT!!!!! Brilliant solution to a complicated problem! Our quicklook [report] reveals this version picks up a lot more matches. The AFSCN and SATOPS PE to system matches are easy to accomplish with the drop down. We are very happy!

- AFSPC Budget Analysts

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