DSoft Technology provides IT business and financial applications development and support for ministry clients. We have excellent past performance in e-commerce, e-security, technology prototyping, and business process automation. We also provide general IT support for our clients, allowing them to focus on their main business lines.


Fireside Cafe

Fireside Cafe is a website for a quaint little cafe in Loveland, CO. The site displays the breakfast and lunch menus for the day and provides access to the available drinks at the espresso bar. The chef needed to have an easy administration screen so she could add menu items, associate a price or discount pricing and have the ability to schedule daily menus. We provided an easy administration system that allowed her easy access to all the functionality she required through use of editable tables on a web page.



Curriculum is the largest business unit of Group Publishing. They provide curriculum for church Sunday School programs and other ministries such as Small Groups. The websites for the Curriculum are for marketing their products as well as supporting existing customers. Most of the websites are running on the CMS Umbraco to enable regular content updates to the websites by the content editors.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School provides two new themes every year for churches across the country to use in their VBS programs. The website is the primary means of marketing the VBS programs each year, with great anticipation for the announcement of the new themes. This project was to create the homepage and each theme site within the content management system, Umbraco. This enabled the VBS program managers to quickly and cost-efficiently move the VBS websites through three phases of content changes throughout the year. The websites are also quickly ready to serve in following years with a huge cost reduction for this annual event of new themes.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server


Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry department at Group Publishing provides services and products to those ministering to women's groups at churches and other gatherings. Girlfriends Unlimited is one of the projects for Women's Ministry, and is a web application that empowers the women of the church to build a community. The website was migrated to a CMS, Umbraco, so that daily updates could made without additional maintenance costs.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server


Lifetree Cafe

Lifetree Cafe is a web site built to draw people into conversation with each other. It is all about stories. This site is a social networking hub that brings together Twitter feeds, Facebook forums, YouTube videos, Poll Daddy polls, and a Flash application called the Prayer Tree. Much of the content had to be administrated daily, so we built an administration tool that provided the administrator the capability to manage the Facebook forum, the videos on YouTube, the polls, the Weekly Topics and multiple elements in the very dynamic Prayer Tree. The majority of the website was also migrated to the CMS Umbraco to allow easy content updates.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server


Article Administration

The Article Administration system helped the client to fulfill a need for a content management system for newsletters. The system provided easy to use screens to populate bylines and images of authors, create the content for articles, associate resources and finally create and schedule the email. Using the system, the client was able to save many hours in the workflow process of creating, editing, accepting and publishing the newsletter.



Group Workcamps, and its sister sites Week Of Hope and The Micah Experience, are web sites to inform and excite youth for missions trips. The sites are very active to keep the attention of the younger audience. There are Flash, slideshows, movies and Google maps. The sites also provide much content and downloadable pdfs. Group Workcamps were originally built on the SharePoint platform for content management and have since been migrated to use the lighter-weight and easier to manage Umbraco CMS. Using the CMS, the content editor is able to keep the pictures and stories fresh, and even approve user submitted photos, videos, and stories.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server


Fresh Encounter Conference Registration

The Fresh Encounter Conference by Blackaby Ministries can be registered for online using the system that DSoft Technology built. Users can register and pay for the event online. The administrators of the event receive automatically generated reports of the attendees.



DSoft Technology assisted in the design, development and maintenance of an enterprise-wide insurance, finance, real estate, and personnel management information system for a large international Christian denomination and ministry.


Focus on the Family

The MyFamily program for Focus on the Family (FoTF) consisted of integrating a common data repository, built on SQL Server 2005, with multiple web-based applications. This architecture uses a common access level through Web Services. One particular application is the Profile Manager which allows the user to add, delete or modify the information that Focus on the Family has on record. This is over a secure (SSL) connection and is accessible only after the user's web credentials are validated. FoTF administration has access to a Profile Manager Administration application that allows them to administer the users' accounts. MyFamily program also has a payment gateway built specifically for communications with their financial institution. This payment gateway takes credit cards or electronic checks as payment for product, subscription or donation over SSL.

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