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I continually heard there are not any good space models. With the implementation of the SARP, and the quality of the products it contains, I am able to refute the claims. The SARP is an excellent source to direct testers and analysts to use to find information and points of contact.

- AFOTEC Official, 2011

DSoft Technology's clients in the defense industry are as diverse as those in our commercial sector. We have provided support to a variety of projects including Military Operations Center IT support, website development, Modeling & Simulation, and software and systems engineering projects. We are intimately involved with the Astrodynamic Standards and integration of World Wind, which allows users to zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth, leveraging high resolution LandSat imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission elevation data. We also work intimately with the NORAD Two Line Element sets (TLE), providing orbital data for satellites -- Click here to access Celestrak's TLE.

Working with DSoft Technology, our clients leverage processes and technologies to minimize the cost and time to maintain and enhance M&S products as well as minimize the cost of ownership and deployment.  Achieving these objectives minimize the logistics associated with training, requirement generation, and exercise/event support.  The broad scope of our work includes maintenance and enhancements, event/exercise/distributed operation support, and system engineering and integration.


Breakup Analysis Model


Space M&S Enhancements


GPSOC IT Support


Cyberspace Analysis






AFSPC Space/CyberSpace Analysis Resource Portal (SARP)


Air Force Resources to Share (ARTS) LIST


Requirements Assessment & Compliance Tool (ReACT)


JMS Support


Threat Vulnerability Timeline (TVT)


Simulation in Python with Space Entities (SPySE)


SENSOR Messaging Test Suite (SMTS)


GPS Operational Performance Mapping Availability Program (OPMAP)


GPS Operational Profile for the Survival of Individual Functional Tasks (OPSIFT)


Cost Schedule Performance Tool




Space Battle Manager Reengineering


LISN/LISA Applications


JWID 2004 Support


GPS Analysis Tool


National Mission Model Studies and Analysis


Astrodynamic Standard Software Support


Astrodynamic Standards Development, Test and Support


Modeling and Simulation Toolkit


SpaceWAR M&S Support


CRRA and S&T SETA Support

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Much of the reliability and usability of the GPSOC's automated data systems would not have been possible without the depth and breadth of software and IT knowledge that the team has brought to our organization. DSoft's implementation of workflow improvements, upgrades to existing user interfaces, and outstanding documentation of the system have been instrumental in the GPSOC's ability to keep up with evolving and expanding user expectations.

- 1Lt, GPS Ops Center IT Manager

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