Sports & Recreation

Like other large organizations, our Sports & Recreation clients require software, database and tracking ability as well as the capacity to support their athletes and other users. DSoft Technology's work has ensured our clients are able to support both internal and external customers while staying focused on their primary line of business -- winning.


USAF Academy Band IT Support

Performed database maintenance, forms updates, backup strategy and implementation and general IT support.

Technologies used: MS Access


VarVee Varsity Sports Tracking

The project for VarVee involved modifying an existing system that tracks varsity sports. DSoft added support for more sports to the software. The project required quickly becoming familiar with the existing system to be able to make modifications and additions to it. & & is the first-ever USAF web-based e-commerce tickets and tours site. evolved into the now famous Rocky Mountain Blue, used to advertise and sell tickets for SnoFest and other ski events. provides military members with travel and lodging information and a secure reservation system. The USAFA Services website is the primary source of information for services, activities, and community events and is used regularly by cadets, alumni, and other service members. The site now has a mobile version designed and implemented by DSoft. All three websites have been built on the content management system, Umbraco, allowing services personnel to manage specials, rates and other information needed for reservation and booking. This system provides the Government client with an email mass marketing capability, as well as links to ski and summer resorts in Colorado.

DSoft Technology developed the entire ColoradoRandR system: IT strategy and concept definition, requirements analysis, implementation of all technologies, web site development and maintenance, hosting, T-3 integration, backend database development, automatic email notification, and network security.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server


STARS B-BALL Academy IT Services

The STARS web portal ( provides information to all prospective STARS athletes as well as manages player profiles and schedules. DSoft Technology personnel manage all IT-related functions for this non-profit organization.



The National Strength and Conditioning Association required assistance for their internal network. DSoft Technology installed, configured, and provided training for Project Server 2010, which was deployed on top of a SharePoint 2010 installation. We have also continued to provide ongoing support to their IT staff as needed.

Technologies used: MS Project Server, MS SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server


Professional Sports Organization

One of America's fastest growing sports organizations required a security and usability review of their website. DSoft Technology provided a review of PBR's website.

Technologies used: Umbraco, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Xenu Link Checker

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Work completed by the contractor was of top quality. Contractor was very thorough and conscientious throughout the software development process. From time to time identified areas of improvement for the software lifecycle process, which resulted in enhanced testing procedures and more complete impact analysis.  Worked very well with customer and kept them involved and focused on the development of their software. 

- USAF Academy QAE

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