State & Local Governments

DSoft Technology is proud to support state and local government's IT needs. As a Preferred IT Vendor to the State of Washington and working in Colorado State and our local communities, we provide reasonably priced, value-added services to increase our client's business process efficiency and add new computer automated functionality to more efficiently serve its citizens.


El Paso County Department of Human Resources

El Paso County Department of Human Resources desired an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Workflow (WF) and dashboard solution-HSConnects became the ideal product and solution. This solution ensured a better user interface (UI) experience, manages citizen applications, centralized & standardized workflow processes and interfaces with Colorado Benefits Management System (CBMS). DSoft Technology, Engineering & Analysis was asked to provide the Project and Change Management leadership to ensure timely and accurate roll-out occurs between two counties. Front end/back end testing, configuration AD sync, business process mapping, configuration and training and communication activities were daily ongoing and highly successful. One DHS Director stated: "I cannot be happier with the support and how things are going."

Technologies Used: Microsoft Azure Cloud, MS SharePoint, Agile Sprinter, MS Project


Pikes Peak Library District

As a nationally recognized system of public libraries, the Pikes Peak Library District (PPLD) serves more than 535,000 citizens across the El Paso County, Colorado region. While PPLD's mission is toprovide resources and opportunities that change individual lives and build community, PPLD IT Department's vision is to provide outstanding day-to-day IT services for PPLD staff while ensuring responsive and quality support to our patrons. DSoft Technology is pleased to be among one of the few select partners to provide ongoing service and support to meet their technology needs and deliver emerging enhancement and migration solutions.

Technologies Used: ASP (early version) with Microsoft SQL Server backend; ASP.Net; C# Windows app


Colorado Department of Agriculture

DSoft Technology was responsible for assisting Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) to improve their existing SharePoint 2010 (SP) implementation.

DSoft Technology created an external SP instance using SharePoint Online (part of Microsoft Office 365) that will be used to interact with external entities. Custom branding (master page, css, images) was applied to mimic the look and feel of the CDA public facing website. In addition to this, DSoft Technology implemented in SP best practices (naming conventions, provisioning rules, site hierarch) for creating specific AD & SP groups to control permission levels on the SP site. DSoft Technology reviewed the service accounts used and made changes were needed. The project included configuring BCS and creating External Content Types to retrieve data from the CDA database.

DSoft Technology implemented the basis for a central Taxonomy, created Groups and Terms and Content Types and deployed these features to CDA's production server. The work also included designing and building a pilot workflow using SP Designer to demonstrate and educating power users on how to create moderate to complex workflows in SP. DSoft Technology also installed and configured Knowledge Lake (KL) Imaging for SharePoint in the Dev, QA and Production environments.

Technologies used: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft InfoPath 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Knowledge Lake Imaging for SharePoint 2010.


CSPD Field Reporting System (FRS)

FRS provides an electronic reporting capability to document, capture, edit, route, approve or reject, correct, store, query and report officer Case Reports and Field Incident Reports directly from officers in the field. Report Templates are defined using a sophisticated electronic imaging technology created by DSoft Technology that provides for fast and dynamic report building coupled with automated distribution of new templates upon each data synchronization. All templates and work-in-process reports are stored in local XML files. Approved reports are centrally stored within a SQL Server database for rapid retrieval and analysis. Completed reports are imaged into PDF format and permanently stored in the existing CSPD Case Management Imaging System. Wireless network components allow seamless connected/disconnected environment support. Dynamic application help, user's guide, and upgraded application release capabilities are embedded within the data sync process to allow automated full feature upgrades without physical re-deployment.

DSoft Technology project responsibilities include full life-cycle software development efforts including system requirements analysis, design, prototyping, development, documentation, training, deployment, and distributed automatic upgrades. This project is a prime example of dynamic report development, data collection, and synchronization with a Microsoft database.


Reading Material Management System (RMMS)

RMMS is a web-based application used by CDOC to manage censorship workflow of reading materials received by inmates.  RMMS is used by prison facility mail rooms, prison wardens, and the Director of Prisons.  DSoft Technology performed the RMMS requirements analysis, design, development, and deployment of software enhancements driven by legislative changes.

DSoft developed software enhancements to align legislative changes for the Colorado Department of Correction's (CDOC) Reading Material Management System (RMMS).  RMMS manages censorship workflow used by prison facility mail rooms, prison wardens, and the Director of Prisons to manage censorship of reading materials. 

Working with the CDOC, DSoft Technology developed and delivered enhancements to RMMS.  DSoft implemented best practice requirements analysis, software design, development, unit testing, acceptance, and release to production of RMMS.  DSoft applied Earned Value Management (EVM) principles to track progress and assured on-time completion. 

Technologies used: Linux, Apache, IBM Informix DBMS, PHP, Model View Controller (MVC) design, Bugzilla, GIT


Pikes Peak NewsFinder™

PPLD required a means to catalog and access local community news and obituary articles. DSoft Technology performed system planning, architecture, database design, and development work for the PPLD Special Collections Pikes Peak NewsFinder public web site. This site contains a secure administrative functionality to enter and modify article headlines, subjects, people, and keywords. Combining state-of-the-art search algorithms and relational database design, we maximized performance using basic and power search dynamic queries. PPLD's Special Collections group (in the 1905 Carnegie Library) indexing project provides essential information needed to access the news article or obituary desired.


Multi-Branch Dynamic Events Calendar

DCL desired an automated method to manage, control, and publish a dynamic list of library branch events directly on their public web site. DSoft Technology performed system planning, architecture, database design, and development work for the DCL Information Systems group. This web site contains branch-specific, password-protected administrative functionality to allow admins to enter and modify event times, dates, and details. Super admin permissions exist to update library branch and program data.

Combining browser-independent PHP programming, DHTML scripts and relational database design, we maximized performance and flexibility by using dynamic queries to pre-load JavaScript arrays, and built client-side logic to dynamically re-display the event list based on user choices. Events can be listed for specific branches or specific programs, on a single day, week, or for the whole month. Dynamic contact and additional web link information is included. Users can print the events calendar and hang the single-page calendar-style monthly events list on their refrigerator for quick reference.



CSPD Command Staff desired to deploy FRS by the end of first quarter, 2005. Due to a lack of capacity to accomplish this objective in the required timeline, CSPD contracted with DSoft Technology to provide the additional expertise, knowledge, project focus, and manpower to implement FRS.


County Access Link (CAL)

CAL is a County Treasurer property tax management portal system used by county residents and other subscribers to create Certificates of Financial Condition of taxes by paid subscription over the Internet. DSoft Technology performed the CAL requirements analysis, design, development, and deployment.


Inmate Locator System (ILS)

ILS is a web-based application used by CDOC to manage offender search records. CDOC required a publicly accessible ILS application to allow information related to inmates under CDOC's jurisdiction to be reviewed by the general public. DSoft Technology performed the ILS requirements analysis, design, development, and deployment.


CSPD CORE Application Development

CSPD required .Net development support for several applications related to CSPD CORE and database development/data conversion services to modernize the CSPD database.



The FORETELL™ program is a multi-state initiative integrating Intelligent Transportation Systems with advanced weather prediction systems. As the first project of its kind, FORETELL is playing a major role in creating an operational highway maintenance management and traveler information system for North America. Overall goals of the project included reducing winter-condition related accidents and creating a viable road and weather information network across the continent. FORETELL is a registered trademark of CRC.

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