Technology Research & Integration

Issues faced by the research community include the ability to share and incorporate information and ensuring access to the most current data. DSoft Technology has assisted in a number of projects that facilitate collaboration in addition to simpler functions such as scheduling and calendar functions and the collection of metrics. Our work has ensured that our clients' work is conducted in the most efficient manner possible.


Optika Switch Development

DSoft Technology developed a VB6 COM Object to integrate events received from the Siemens HiPath ProCenter (HPPC) Server into Optika's Acorde product. The solution we provided monitored call center telephone events received from the HPPC Server and passed the desired events to Acorde. Integration with the Acorde product used interfaces and COM Objects exposed by Acorde to perform call pop actions on the respective agents' PC as incoming call events occurred. Integration between the HPPC Server and the Acorde application allowed for the application to "pop" customer account detail to/from agent PCs as agents connected, transferred and disconnected telephone calls.


GSA 18F – Agile Development Services

This project entailed a 3-week timeline to fully develop and deploy an open source web solution with three primary use cases.  The solution entailed consuming a data source from the Food and Drug Administration.  Users were assigned personas of a Food Researcher, Financial Analyst and a small Business Owner.  An initial idea of what functionality would be useful for these personas was documented, and use cases were created.  Requirements used a use case approach, followed by paper prototyping and frequent user interaction, all of which were documented in our proposal.   The entire project was conducted using human-centered design methods and tools.  Changes were continuously integrated, deployed on a staging system and tested, and then provided back to users for their inputs and reactions.  Brainstorming sessions - worked within the project team to brainstorm concepts and wireframes for development to meet user needs; developed a user navigation map.  The deployment was fully automated using TeamCity. Commits pushed to GitHub trigger the TeamCity build process which pulled the latest code, installed/updated dependencies, ran the unit tests and performed code coverage. Build artifacts were committed to the Azure Git repository which triggers an automated deployment on the Azure Staging Web App for QA / Integration testing. After success in QA, the automated deployment to the Azure Production Web App was manually triggered in TeamCity.

DSoft Technology used an Agile methodology (Scrum/Sprints), an iterative, incremental framework for software project development.

Technologies used: Mono, D3.js,  JSON.Net (MIT license), Bootstrap (MIT license), ASP.Net, MVC5 (Apache 2.0 license), TopoJSON, NUnit, Postal, PagedList.Mvc, nginx, Debian Linux, Docker


Interosa QViewer & Messaging System Test Harness

The QViewer is an application that acts as a text (RTF) viewer but denies all user attempts to copy, print, screen capture, and otherwise duplicate the contents of the document. QViewer is a main component of the Interosa secure mail system. The DSoft Technology team also built automated Java test harnesses and developed test plans for the messaging system. QViewer is a registered trademark of Interosa, Inc.


Eye Tracker

The USAFA Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership is studying memory deficits seen in air traffic controllers and attention deficits experienced by pilots. Research was performed by measuring eye movements and showing where observers are looking (and where they are not looking) when information changes in a complex real-world display. The overall goal of the effort is to use eye tracking measures taken through an eye sensor and correlated using custom software to examine how critical information is being visually processed and remembered by observers and compare display highlighting techniques.



The FORETELL™ program is a multi-state initiative integrating Intelligent Transportation Systems with advanced weather prediction systems. As the first project of its kind, FORETELL is playing a major role in creating an operational highway maintenance management and traveler information system for North America. Overall goals of the project included reducing winter-condition related accidents and creating a viable road and weather information network across the continent. FORETELL is a registered trademark of CRC.



The project entails business process, requirements development, design, development, and maintenance for a new Telco application. DSoft Technology is also responsible for all technology migration and development for the Denver-based project.


Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks required support for a complex web services platform. DSoft Technology was part of a technical team that provided design and development of new product features and extensions as well as remediation of defects, ensuring support for both internal and external customers. The end result was a set of industry-standard integration capabilities that enable efficient business management of IT services and support.

Technologies used: C# and .NET

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