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Angeles National Forest Pre-Attack Platform

"Team DSoft" (DSoft Technology in Colorado Springs and Intterra iihashtagn Castle Rock) was awarded a two-year sole-source contract by the US Forest Service to develop, test, deliver, and maintain a system to help the Angeles National Forest (ANF) hashtagaddress wildfire risk and response. Under this contract, Team DSoft will deploy Intterra’s cloud-based wildfire planning, response, and analysis software to allow decision makers to better understand the risk potential of wildfire and improve on-the-ground response and information sharing. The project will allow ANF to visualize, quantify, and analyze information to mitigate the effects of wildland fire. The selection was based on a proven, consistent ability to deliver capabilities within the Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) that supports the National Interagency Fire Center as well as experience in providing wildfire situational awareness tools across the country and throughout the Los Angeles Basin. Team DSoft deployed an Initial Operating Capability to ANF in July 2019 for use in the current fire season and will continue to enhance its capabilities to attain a Full Operating Capability by April 2020.

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US Forest Service

Through the operational use of the app we have been able to rapidly assess protection responsibility and values at risk. Additionally, the app has enabled us to share a common operating picture amongst responders of operational preattack information such as fuel breaks and indirect dozer lines. 

Fire Management Officer