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Space Analysis INtegration Toolkit (SAINT)

The Space Analysis INtegration Toolkit (SAINTTM) is a toolkit and framework that allows a user to create a new application by combining SAINTTM components, assemblies, and applications. A key element of the framework is the inclusion of all algorithms in the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms Library (SAAL) (AOF - Area of Overflight, BAM - Breakup Analysis Model, BatchDC - Batch Differential Correction, Coco - Computation of Coplanar Orbits, ElComp -  Element Comparison, FOV - Field of View, LAMOD - Look Angle Generation Module, ObsOps - Observation Operations, ROTAS - Report Observation, Saas - Satellite Attack Assessment Software, SGP4 Propagator - Satellite General Perturbations 4, SP Propagator - Special Perturbations (SP), and other non-SAAL algorithms developed by AFSPC/A9 (SimOrb - Orbit simulation, Decay - Satellite decay & lifetime using King-Hele, and BLUE - Bob's Launch Update Ensemble).

Built into the toolkit are data utilities to persist data inputs and outputs in a variety of formats including eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft™ Excel. Also included in the toolkit are visualization utilities that can be used to send data to visualize space assets in 2D and 3D. Data analysis tools are provided to sort, filter, group and plot data.

SAINT is designed to provide a space analyst the means to create an application which takes user input, runs the input through the appropriate SAAL algorithms, and presents the results on a 2D or 3D dynamic plot or map. SAINT makes it simple to build a space analysis tool in about one to three days, depending upon the complexity of the application.


  • Modeling and Simulation
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