Space Analysis INtegration Toolkit (SAINT)

The Space Analysis INtegration Toolkit (SAINTTM) is a toolkit and framework that allows a user to create a new application by combining SAINTTM components, assemblies, and applications. A key element of the framework is the inclusion of all algorithms in the Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), Standardized Astrodynamic Algorithms Library (SAAL) (AOF - Area of Overflight, BAM - Breakup Analysis Model, BatchDC - Batch Differential Correction, Coco - Computation of Coplanar Orbits, ElComp -  Element Comparison, FOV - Field of View, LAMOD - Look Angle Generation Module, ObsOps - Observation Operations, ROTAS - Report Observation, Saas - Satellite Attack Assessment Software, SGP4 Propagator - Satellite General Perturbations 4, SP Propagator - Special Perturbations (SP), and other non-SAAL algorithms developed by AFSPC/A9 (SimOrb - Orbit simulation, Decay - Satellite decay & lifetime using King-Hele, and BLUE - Bob's Launch Update Ensemble).

  • Modeling and Simulation
Air Force Space Command