Simulation in Python with Space Entities (SPySE)

SPySE (Simulation in Python with Space Entities) is a Python-based Modeling and Simulation (M&S) tool. The current M&S and analytical decision-support tools lack the flexibility to integrate astrodynamics engagement models inside of a scenario.  This effort will use a combination of astrodynamics functions and 3D display capabilities developed in Python and OpenGL along with agent-based modeling and game theory concepts to help answer the "what if" and adversary response questions currently proposed by senior leaders.  This work will complement the current efforts using Finite State Machine (FSM) agent-based modeling and simulation by providing an open source framework that can be used by any government entities in a Python Environment.  SPySE will provide a simulation engine for the Modeling and Simulation Analysis Framework (MSAF).  SPySE will be interoperable with the current capabilities of System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS), Advance Framework for Simulation, Integration and Modeling (AFSIM), Threat Modeling & Analysis Program (TMAP) models and other models currently used by the Air Force. In addition to an interactive scenario mode, a batch mode supporting Monte-Carlo type parameters is available that can run multiple scenarios at once on a local/remote computing cluster using a distributed tasking framework.

  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Desktop Application Development
Air Force Space Command