Scurion logo6.4 million people in the United States have a visual disability and our design approach begins with accessibility in mind from the start. On web development projects, we have found that time taken in the initial design phase to build in Section 508 compliance was considerably less than the time required to add it later.  Our staff apply our corporate Section 508 compliance experience to the early phases of template design.  

We developed our own Section 508 compliance tool, called Scurion™, which uses Deque’s Accessibility Engine (aXe) plugin to execute automated accessibility testing.  DSoft Technology’s Scurion™ allows website developers to easily detect parts of their design that will present accessibility barriers and provides guidance on making designs standards compliant by "crawling" through the website and even clicking action buttons!

Section 508 Policy

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d) requires that all Federal web applications and content be accessible to people with disabilities. When Federal agencies develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology, Federal employees and public users with disabilities must have access to and use of information and data that is comparable to the access and use by individuals without disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on the agency.

Determining 508 compliance requires a clear understanding of each client's 508 accessibility requirements, how to translate those requirements into technical solutions, and expert knowledge of how people with disabilities interact with information technology. Consequently, procurement officials and project managers recommend the use of "independent third-party" auditors and consultants such as DSoft Technology who can provide vendors and government agencies with extensive documentation of the 508 testing processes, procedures and results. Testing should consist both of testing to make sure that 508 guidelines are followed in the design phase and of hands-on testing with tools that a disabled user would use.

If you have difficulty accessing any portion of this site or would like additional information on our Section 508 testing capabilities, please e-mail the webmaster at We welcome any suggestions to help us improve our site's accessibility and usability.