DSoft Technology’s projects require unique user interfaces and integration of User Experience (UX) design thinking to display complex information to the user and allow for easy navigation.  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a major component to user acceptance, adoption and system utility.  During the design and development processes, we will perform a review of the existing user interface as well as collect feedback from the customer to further refine the web-based GUI requirements.  Our experience shows the success of a system is often measured largely on its acceptance by the user community.  Getting that acceptance depends on how much users are involved in the requirements and design activity.  We recognize the importance of crafting a solution that will make it easier for users to perform their jobs, so we will ensure those users are heavily involved.  “White boarding” and “paper prototyping” are common approaches we use during this stage.

Human-factors engineering principles will be applied to the GUI design with the goal of making the system easy to learn and use.  Our team will focus on economy of data entry and retrieval (i.e., number of keystrokes, mouse clicks, field order, and screen navigation), the use of commonly accepted terms, vocabulary, and abbreviations used, and consistency of user to software interactions. 

We research, develop, and ensure implementation of well-tested human factors policies, regulations, programs, and procedures that promote safety and productivity. We currently work with many government customers that are required by law to provide Section 508 accessible websites and help them fulfill this requirement. We've helped several to fix their existing legacy websites to be compliant, and when creating new websites we always keep the accessibility of the website in our priority list. We are also involved in helping users provide human-friendly interfaces to their users in non-website settings. DSoft Technology is always committed to helping the widest audience possible use our products.

Usability is a critical component of any website.  We use a “usability scorecard” to examine the following usability characteristics: Navigation & Information Architecture, Content, Presentation, Interaction, Value & Usefulness.  At its heart, usability is an interaction between the user and the website: users vary across skill and preferences, so creating a system that generally meets all users’ requirements is very important for adoption.  Assessing and improving a website’s usability requires a two-pronged approach: 1) understanding the site’s users, and 2) understanding the inherent characteristics of the website.  


Human Factors Engineering and Human-Centered Design

We research, develop, and ensure implementation of well-tested human factors policies, regulations, programs, and procedures which promote the safety and productivity of the national airspace system.



Section 508

DSoft Technology strives to be in compliance with Section 508 on all websites developed for our clients.  Using industrial strength tools and techniques ensures strong compliance.