[CSP] looked good. Thanks a bunch!! I'm looking forward to using it in a couple of weeks.

AFSPC Financial Analyst, 2011

Obtaining credible models for space was regarded as a void for the entire M&S and Space community. I continually heard there are not any good space models. With the implementation of the SARP, and the quality of the products it contains, I am able to refute the claims. The SARP is an excellent source to direct testers and analysts to use to find information and points of contact. Use of M&S in T&E has not achieved its full potential and the SARP can be an agent for change.

AFOTEC Official, 2011

The DSoft Technology team provided a rapid turn-around and mutually beneficial subcontract between our companies. The AFSPC end customer was extremely satisfied with the process and by all accounts, this is a very successful and efficient process to help enhance tools such as GIANT. One of our enhancements is benefitting warfighters in the field. DSoft Technology has been responsive to both government and contractors, making it a truly a one team effort.

GIANT Contractor PM, 2012

EXCELLENT!!!!! Brilliant solution to a complicated problem! Our quicklook [report] reveals this version picks up a lot more matches. The AFSCN and SATOPS PE to system matches are easy to accomplish with the drop down. We are very happy!

AFSPC Budget Analysts, 2012

Work completed by the contractor was of top quality. Contractor was very thorough and conscientious throughout the software development process. From time to time identified areas of improvement for the software lifecycle process, which resulted in enhanced testing procedures and more complete impact analysis.  Worked very well with customer and kept them involved and focused on the development of their software. They managed their time very well and were very fair about their rates.

USAF Academy QAE, 2004