ColoradoRandR.com & RockyMountainBlue.com & USAFAServices.com

ColoradoRandR.com was the first-ever USAF web-based ecommerce tickets and tours site. ColoradoRandR.com evolved into the now famous Rocky Mountain Blue, used to advertise and sell tickets for SnoFest and other ski events. ColoradoRandR.com provided military members with travel and lodging information and a secure reservation system. The USAFA Services website is the primary source of information for services, activities, and community events and is used regularly by cadets, alumni, and other service members. The site also had mobile version designed and implemented by DSoft Technology. All three websites have been built on the content management system Umbraco, allowing services personnel to manage specials, rates and other information needed for reservation and booking. This system provided the Government client with an email mass marketing capability, as well as links to ski and summer resorts in Colorado.

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