Systems engineers are at the heart of creating successful new systems. DSoft Technology systems engineers are responsible for the system concept, architecture, and design. We analyze and manage complexity and risk. We decide how to measure whether the deployed system actually works as intended. We are responsible for a myriad of other facets of system creation. Systems engineering is the discipline that makes their success possible – their tools, techniques, methods, knowledge, standards, principles, and concepts. The launch of successful systems can invariably be traced to innovative and effective systems engineering.

Model-Based System Engineering seal

Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE)

Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) is an emerging systems engineering approach providing the next advance in Modeling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A). Our MBSE efforts use Systems Modeling Language (SysML) as its modeling language. SysML is a domain-specific modeling language for systems engineering used to specify, analyze, design, optimize, and verify systems performance and behavior. Not only can the modeling language support the physics and engineering aspects of a system, but it can also capture how the warfighter might employ the system in a variety of scenarios and conditions.