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SENSOR Messaging Test Suite (SMTS)

DSoft Technology, supporting HARRIS Corporation, has designed, developed, and tested a SENSOR Messaging Test Suite (SMTS), using Java to support the ISTE (Integrated SENSOR Test Environment) and SSA Ops Demo projects. DSoft also provided general Subject Matter Expertise (SME) related to use of the SMTS, Protogate Freeways, and the serial Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol (ADCCP) messaging domains for the Eglin and GEODSS systems. Communications networks will provide ADCCP protocols between the Distributed Space Command and Control - Dalhgren (DSC2-D) and the Eglin and GEODSS SPAs. The SMTS development task was initiated to design, develop, and produce a message injection test suite for use with and between mature, legacy radar and electro-optical (EO) sensor systems, as well as development, testing and implementation of experimental messages. The SMTS includes message editors (MEs) which provide the capability to generate formatted messages adhering to ADCCP specifications, as well as new, proposed alternative messages. The MEs provide common user tools to create and edit message content, and to manage message files used in the SMTS.  The radar and EO sensor systems are being modified on a prototype demonstration basis to support a specific set of emerging technology capabilities.



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