Space-Based Missile Warning Test and Evaluation (SBMW T&E)

The current focus area is the Next Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared GEO (NGG OPIR) satellite, which will augment the Space-Based Infrared System, the main constellation of the SBMW satellite network. Testing includes defining how tests will be performed, what constitutes successful testing, and ensuring the satellite and its supporting systems can perform through any possible threats.

DSoft Technology’s operational test engineers take raw data gathered from simulation testing and extract useful data, fix or remove incorrect, corrupted, duplicate or incorrectly formatted information, and reformat it into a workable structure. The formatted data is then analyzed to prove if system parameters meet warfighter requirements. DSoft team members also design simulation tests to apply necessary rigor to mission systems and ensure their readiness for certification.

  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Test and Evaluation
United States STARCOM - Delta 12