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FAA Capability Utilization

DSoft Technology assists the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Research Development and Human Factors Laboratory (RDHFL) team in Atlantic City, New Jersey with the development of a data-driven approach to understanding how air traffic controller (ATC) capabilities are used.  The project is concerned with en route airspace (>10,000 feet) En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM)/User Systems via Air Traffic Management (ATM) Intermediate Point of Presence (IPOP) data messages.  The developed tools will be used to parse, reduce, and analyze Sarbot (ERAM's data recording and retrieval system) data to determine the frequency of capability usage and the results of that usage.  The technologies being used for data display are a Python Flask web microframework managed Bokeh visualization library wrapped in a Python Tornado web server gateway interface (WSGI) container.  Data reduction is accomplished using the Python language and final data storage is done in a PostgreSQL database.

  • UI/UX
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
Federal Aviation Administration